Zion x Under Canvas


At the end of each school year, I pack my bags into my car and drive 1,000 miles all the way back to my family's home in Colorado. This year, I decided to stop in Zion National Park for a night on the way home and was lucky enough to stay at Under Canvas.

After spending the late afternoon hiking up to Angels Landing , I grabbed dinner right outside of the park and then drove to a beautiful valley where the hills suddenly became speckled with white tents. I parked the car, checked in, and then was driven in an ATV to the most beautiful tent I have ever seen. Fit with a king bed, two chairs, and a charging station, it was just as comfortable as being home. I took a shower and then sat on the porch with some tea and looked at the millions of stars that filled the sky above Zion National Park. I went to bed early, got up with the sun, grabbed a burrito at the restaurant on site, and was on my way back home to Colorado. 

If you want to book a stay at Under Canvas, please check it out here. I highly recommend!